Hal Ritson is a Grammy nominated record producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He has worked on over a thousand records, primarily in the areas of electronic / dance music, hip-hop and commercial pop. As a songwriter, he has credits on numerous top ten singles.

Hal’s area of specialisation is the overlap between electronic-focused music and ‘live’ musicians – bringing organic elements such as live vocals and instruments to electronic projects, or adding an electronic edge to organic projects. He has a deep knowledge of vintage / retro recording equipment and techniques and is the go-to producer for giving recordings an authentic vintage feel. Related to this, Hal runs the world’s leading sample replay company Replay Heaven.

Beyond the hardware, Hal’s focus is on understanding musicians and getting the best possible performance out of singers and instrumentalists. Many of the world’s leading artists look to Hal to track their performers knowing no-one else gets them sounding quite as good!