Hal runs the legendary Old Hit Factory recording studio in central London where he has a world-class collection of:

  • Vintage preamps including REDD, TG2, SSL E, Neve 1073, UAD 610, Avalon
  • Compressors including 1176, LA2, Abbey Road RS124, Federal
  • EQs including vintage Pultecs, SSL E series, Neve 1073
  • Microphones including vintage U47, U67, U87, C12, Coles, KU-3a Ribbon, SM7, RE20
  • Keyboards including CS-80, Juno 60, CP-80 Piano, Rhodes Piano, DX7, DX100, D50, JD800, JP8000, Minimoog Model D, Moog Voyager, Access Virus

These all enable him to dial into the specific character of different decades of recording history and different genres.