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Hal Ritson has worked on several Kanye West tracks over the years, but you never know if they are going to make it to release as it is quite common for Kanye to totally overhaul an album, even very close to release date, swapping round which tracks make it onto the album. However for 2018’s “Ye”, an album which itself was made in a flurry of activity very near to release, Hal Ritson worked with long term collaborator Richard ‘Fiasco’ Adlam and guitarist Rob Harris (via Hal’s sample replay company Replay Heaven, on preparing instrumental parts for the track “Ghost Town”. Though the track is based on a sample (Vanilla Fudge’s version of “Take me for a little while”) by getting the sample replay team to super accurately recreate all the instrumental parts of the sample, with authentic vintage equipment, Kanye was able to be much more free creatively than by just using the sample alone. For example Adlam’s drumming is able to continue through the track sounding the same as the sample while new original elements are layered in the music in the place of the rest of the sample, or having Hal Ritson’s hammond playing behind the lead vocals, without the original Vanilla Fudge vocal remaining.